Computer management

The smooth operation of your employees' workstations has been proven to increase the efficiency of your business. Operating software support, implementing policies to access certain information, controlling software installation, and supporting Microsoft 365 applications are just some of the activities we provide for the reliable operation of machines.

Microsoft 365 licenses and Antivirus protection

Providing a working platform for internal and external communication is one of the most underestimated methods for increasing the efficiency of your business. We have identified this platform in the face of a rich set of interconnected Microsoft 365 applications.
To increase the level of protection, the MSTel One service also includes licenses for anti-virus software for workstations

Controllable firewall

The need for protection against cyberattacks, controlled remote access to organizational resources, as well as the management of authorized websites and applications is extremely important for the smooth operation of your business. We provide hardware, implementation and updating of security policies and overall firewall management.


This solution, in addition to flexibility of resources, also brings high reliability in the storage of your data.

Managed office network

Every office must have a secure and reliable data transmission environment. Therefore, the supply and management of the necessary network equipment for its provision is our responsibility.