MSTel ONE is a combination of managed services, covering management and optimization of information technologies and resources, necessary for the adequate IT provision of your business.




A full range of IT services for every business.

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The MSTel process

Providing world-class services requires a clear process that is equally transparent to us, our employees, our partners and our customers.


Single point of contact

We believe that proper and timely communication is the foundation of a successful partnership. We commit to this level of communication through a single point of contact for all your IT requests.

Exceptional service

We know that service from your providers is extremely important, so we have developed a model that provides timely response to requests and proactive monitoring of services provided. Together we prioritize the importance of cases and their implementation, according to the degree of their impact on your business processes.

Fixed monthly price

For a fixed monthly price you get everything you need to meet your IT needs - pre-defined services, equipment and licenses. The service provides the opportunity for planned growth at clearly defined price levels.

Monthly Reports

The Monthly reports will provide you with the needed clarity over your IT environment, including our recommendations for optimisation.