MSTEL offers three basic types of services, carefully projected so as to bring maximum practical benefit to small and medium-sized enterprises at minimal cost.

Managed ICT Infrastructure

The service includes several components:

Managed Workstations

The service can be provided remotely or on site on client’s demand.

Managed Security

Installation and management of Next Generation Firewall.

Managed Office Infrastructure

The main components of the service are building and maintenance of LAN/WiFi for your business.

Managed Cloud Services

Installation and maintenance of Microsoft Office products. Management of Office 365, Active Directory and Azure.

Implementation and integration of products and services to interfere with the work processes of your business.

All submitted services are provided to the customer and the corresponding equipment.

MSTEL offers also cloud solutions which eliminate the need of purchasing of communication hardware.

Corporate Internet

The Internet has become a key factor in business success. MSTEL provides this vital link to the World Wide Web in an easy and secure way.

Guaranteed bandwidth

No resources sharing.

Symmetric speed

Download / upload.

Performance and Accessibility

High performance and accessibility to the network.

24/7 support

Corporate VPN

If your business requires to send and receive data between your offices, to share centralized systems and resources, but you are concerned about your corporate security.

If you want to focus on the core business activities and assure the smooth remote communication and work, you need MSTEL’S VPN service.

Our VPN service gibves you the opportunity to access all your applications 24/7 from any spot on the globe, keeping a reasonable connection quality and the expected high profile security and performance.

Documents Exchange

Exchanging documents, centralized sharing of systems and resources, free IP telephony and video conferencing services.

Fixed Monthly Fee

The monthly fee is fixed and includes unlimited Internet bandwidth, resources administration, pro-active monitoring and technical support.


Service Availability Agreement (SLA).

Security and Performance

Secure and fast connectivity between your offices, no matter the distance.

Quality of service

Traffic management through “Quality of service”

Do you want technology work for your business?

The technology and technological infrastructure are inseparable part of any modern business and organization. If you succeed to built and manage them well, they will serve as a racket.
And if you fail, they will turn into a millstone that pulls you to the bottom.

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